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Christine J. Knight

Seeing repeated patterns harmful to your life?


Struggle with life choices?

Are you successful in many areas of life but there's one area

that keeps tripping you up?

I've lived it...

and now using all I've learned to be your guide & give you the map

to get to the other side...

Where you will connect with your True Self and create a fulfilling life that you LOVE!

What's truly unique about me is that my life is living proof that healing is possible with the correct guidance.

I can offer that guidance because of my own healing journey.

My education including nervous system regulation, neuroscience,

breathwork, Internal Family Systems psychotherapy model,

clinical hypnotherapy, and a graduate degree in counseling

have given me the tools & techniques

along with my own lived experience within my own healing journey

to now guide you, help you identify harmful patterns,

reveal hidden false beliefs, and heal the deep inner wounds

that are causing the harmful patterns to continuously

appear in your life. 

Healing is very achievable.

A whole other life is awaiting you on the other side.

The struggle is over.

Let me guide you through.

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Discussing using Hypnotherapy to Access Parts with Richard Schwartz, PhD

May 2022

Free 30 minute Consultation

Tell me what specific area you need help in, and I can give you an estimate of which type of session and how many sessions might be best for you.

I applaud you for taking this step to move forward and get rapid results with hypnotherapy!

Your Future Self, your relationships, and your Inner Self

will all be thanking you!

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Imagine symptoms you've been plagued with for years disappearing.

Imagine knowing the bigger purpose for your life.

Imagine finally understanding your inner conflict and having the tools to end it.

I was plagued with PTSD spirals and panic attacks and told there was no cure for them - told that my only option was to learn how to cope with my episodes. 

Then in 2012, I found QHHT (a hypnosis technique developed by Dolores Cannon).

After ONE session, no more spirals. 

Since then, I've been training and practicing in hypnotherapy which I found helpful with answering burning questions or reframing issues starting in adult life; however, something was still missing... then I found Internal Family Systems which took me over the hurdle of integrating information revealed to me in deeper trance states into applying it in everyday life.
IFS was life-altering for me in:
* releasing limiting beliefs,
* healing deep inner wounds that started painful patterns that have plagued me for my entire life,
* and got my inner system aligned with my True Self to now peacefully navigate "triggers" and easily achieve my goals.

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How Working in the Subconscious Can Help

Transform Your Life

Hypnotherapy is a trance state used as a bridge to access your subconscious mind and bring the deep-rooted cause of issues to the surface and integrate that revealed information into your conscious mind.

Internal Family Systems is an evidence-based psychotherapy model developed over the past 40 years used to reveal and transform disconnected aspects of our inner system to reconnect each Part with our True Self in order to resolve the inner conflict in our mind and begin leading our life from our authentic Self.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is one hypnosis technique that helps people explore

their deeper levels of consciousness

to bring answers, physical healing, and immediate connection with their True Inner Self. 

1:1 Sessions:

Working at the Beach
Outdoor Swing Chairs
Beach Fench

Hypnotherapy -
Online & In-Person Sessions

Proven to work on targeted issues that started in adulthood

IFS Sessions - 
Online & In-Person Sessions

Evidence-based psychotherapy model that progressively reveals your authentic Self and heals deep inner wounds

In Person Sessions Only

Answers on Life Purpose,

Physical Symptoms, and Relationships

Group Sessions:

Groups are beneficial in:

  • Creating connection & a sense of community

  • Feeling heard & seen by others through witnessing

  • Easing the feeling of being alone on our journey

  • Learning indirectly of our own issues by hearing others' stories

  • Easier entry with less cost of investment

A Supportive Hug
Support Group
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Inner Parts - IFS Learning Group

In-Person - 6-week Course with Workshops

IFS Circling Group

In-Person weekly Witnessing of Session & Sharing 

Body Confidence &
Food Freedom Group

Free Online Zoom

Every Monday 5-7pm EST

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Having experienced a regression with Christine I wish to say that it was a profound experience. Insight is a powerful tool in transformation and healing. Christine provided the opportunity that took me on a journey not to be forgotten. She is an exceptional young woman who is warm, compassionate, and excels at her craft. Filled with joy, energy, and a love for life that is contagious, I recommend her wholeheartedly.

If you are in need of healing, comfort or are curious about this therapy, get in touch with Christine Knight. You will be overjoyed that you did.

Rev. Christina Monterastelli

Had a session a few days ago and thought it was pretty powerful. I was able to connect with my higher self to help answer a lot of questions I had about life and my karmic relationship with my family and partner.

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Definition of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind with special identifying characteristics:
1) an extraordinary quality of relaxation
2) an emotionalized desire to satisfy the suggested behavior (the person feels like doing what the hypnotist suggests - provided that the suggestion does not generate conflict within the person's belief system)
3) the recipient becomes self-regulating and produces normalization of the central nervous system
4)  heightened and selective sensitivity to stimuli perceived in the five physical senses and four basic perceptions
5) immediate softening of psychic defenses

You Can Achieve Results Quickly
with Hypnosis: