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QHHT & Hypnotherapy changed
and it will change yours.

Christine Knight, QHHT

A QHHT hypnotherapy session features an in-depth interview where you have the option to tell your story, (but it's not necessary to revisit any trauma) and openly express anything you've been keeping inside.

The advantages of this in-depth interview are that you will be able to communicate openly - disclosing life events without judgment - where mutual trust will be gained and experienced.

The benefits being that a safe environment will be created which is needed for you to trust yourself to dive deeper into your subconscious during the theta brainwave state of the QHHT session.

About Hypnotherapy & QHHT: About

This is the show on TV that I saw when Dr. Wayne Dyer introduced Mira Kelley:

As soon as I saw her walk on stage, I knew she was the one who would help me cure my PTSD spirals.

My life was changed forever.

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I was sitting on my couch and as soon as I saw Mira I knew that I would meet her and have a session. A PhD therapist had told me 5 years earlier that I would never be "cured" of my Complex PTSD spirals because of the origination of the symptoms at a young age and throughout childhood. He said the best I would be able to accomplish was to learn how to cope and "manage my symptoms". I looked him straight in the eyes and told him 2 words:

Watch Me. 

I had been searching through talk therapy, reading self-help books, getting reiki, tuning forks, etc. in search of the magic bean that would help me cure my deep-seated anger issues and PTSD spirals.

When I saw that Wayne Dyer special

I had full faith that I would be cured. 

As it happened, I had to travel to California for work, and I scheduled a layover in Chicago on my way back, where I met Mira in a Chicago hotel and she performed a QHHT session on me. 

I was changed forever. 

I received so many answers and understandings of the "bigger picture" of my life and purpose during my session - but most importantly

my PTSD spirals (from a very violent childhood) were cured.

That was back in 2012 and I haven't had any since. 

The session helped me so much that I was deeply inspired to help others and become a QHHT practitioner myself. Shortly thereafter, I flew to Arkansas and completed the Level 1 training with Dolores Cannon (May 2012). Then in 2020, I advanced my QHHT training with Level 2 intensive instruction with Julia Cannon. In 2021, I began studying with the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy towards a board-certified diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and I am currently in graduate school pursuing an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy.

I am located in Hilton Head Island, SC. and have accommodations you can book if you travel to the area -

what a great vacation!

It is my passion and mission in life to help you re-connect with your True Self to achieve transformation and healing

which will bring an abundance of love and joy to your life.