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The General Roadmap:

  •  You will Learn How Trauma is Defined

  • The Ripple Effect Symptoms Of Trauma

  • Dissociation, Overwhelm, and Avoidance

  • Your Autonomic Nervous System 

  • The Window Of Tolerance

  • Identifying Your Triggers

  • How to Identify Safety

  • Learning How to Feel & Trust Safety

  • How to Reconnect with Your Body

  • How to Reconnect with Your Intuition

  • Core Beliefs & How to Shift Them

  • Adult Children Of Previously Traumatized Parents

  • Reconnection of Your Fragmented Parts 

  • Resilience & Thriving Beyond the Survival Mechanisms 

  • Using Your Authentic Voice

  • Awareness & Ability to Now Set Healthy Boundaries 

  • Increase Self-Compassion 

  • Learn to Feel Emotion & Self-Regulating Tools

  • Explore Trauma Therapy Healing Modalities 

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