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Carl Gustav Jung

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it "fate".

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My 25-year corporate management and self-owned business careers served well in giving me extensive experience in leadership, team building, mentorship, written and verbal communication, case management, and public speaking skills. I am bringing those skills with me into a new career of mental health counseling with a concentration in marriage and family counseling and childhood trauma recovery.


I volunteer as a youth development specialist for Low Country Pride Group, and also as a program facilitator for Bridges To Life. Please click below for more information about both of these non-profit organizations supportive of human rights and personal transformation.


Just completed certificate in Solution Focused Brief Therapy for Couples Counseling

Just completed certificate in Compassionate Narrative Therapy

Currently enrolled at Liberty University in MA Marriage and Family Therapy program with expected graduation December 2022

Currently enrolled in advanced education in Clinical Hypnotherapy at Institute for Interpersonal Hypnotherapy, Board of Education accredited - Diploma Sept 2022

Currently enrolled at National Institute for Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine in Certification Program for

Trauma Recovery Specialist with graduation being September 2022

BS in Interpersonal Communication with concentration in Cultural Diversity & Inclusion

Contributions & Special Projects

Created Supplemental Study Guides to College Textbook - Career Development Across the Lifespan

Chapter 21: Transitioning to the Future Helping High School Students Prepare for Higher Education
Chapter 41: Career Counseling for Re-Entered Offenders

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Institute of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

International Assoc of Trauma Recovery Coaching

MA Marriage & Family Therapy

B.S. Intercultural Communications

Textbook Contribution

California University of PA

Capella University

A.S. Accounting

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Certificates Earned

Solution Focused Brief Therapy for Couples Counseling

Financial Counseling for Gambling Addictions

SBIRT Interviewing

Addressing Implicit Bias in Counseling

Treatment Plan Documentation


Treatment for Previously Incarcerated Persons

Motivational Interviewing for LGBTQ+

Resiliency in Addiction Treatment

Opioid Prevention & Treatment

Trauma Informed Practices Within Faith-Based Communities

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Goal Statement

MA MFT Student Focused on Specialization in Trauma Recovery

My “why” is that I experienced a childhood with domestic abuse, trauma, and sexual abuse that has required decades of healing and recovery. My personal journey and experiences give me an added element of true compassion and empathy that helps give understanding and guidance to others to overcome similar abuse and trauma. The ramifications of self-protection, disconnection, and survival mechanisms adapted from trauma and abuse flow strongly into adulthood causing impulsive decisions, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, and addiction. It is my mission to help as many people as possible overcome these ramifications of trauma and lead a fulfilling and abundant life.

I completed my undergraduate degree in interpersonal communications major with a concentration in cultural diversity and inclusion. During my time working within the degree program, I was given many opportunities to speak and hear from people of different economic backgrounds and many different cultures. In addition, I currently volunteer as a youth development specialist and work with many youth-aged individuals who are from different races and religions. 

Throughout my experience, I have learned and practiced maintaining awareness of any subconscious bias that may be coming up to the surface within myself. I believe awareness is the foundation to further build any behavior or practice. Then, with awareness, I intently listen to the individual or group of people with a curiosity and genuine desire to understand their point of view. I leave any assumptions I may have of how they might think or behave aside, and search for what their needs are within the conversation. And many times, when I cannot draw a clear conclusion of their needs, I will ask politely if it is within the appropriate context. My findings have been that people appreciate my genuine desire to treat them with dignity and respect based on their understanding of those characteristics rather than how I personally define those characteristics for myself.

I have a strong belief that deep down we all want to be seen and acknowledged for what we contribute to other people around us. This belief is the basis of how I form effective interpersonal relationships with others in individual and group settings. I use - and model - open communication with a genuine curiosity about the other person or people involved. I enjoy getting to know other people and that comes across in my demeanor, facial expression, and verbiage.

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My Philosophy

Every person and experience is unique, so it's very important to me to collaborate with each client to find what they need to feel safe and to build trust within the relationship:

What do you think?

What resonates with you?

What do you need to feel safer in the session?” 

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Strengths Assessment Results

I have had life experiences that resulted in a score of 7 on the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) Scale, but my journey has brought me to the realization that I was born to coach others, to help resolve conflict, and to find effective solutions that rapidly bring change for myself and for others.

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I believe in client-focused and solution-focused counseling following theory based in Internal Family Systems (IFS founded by Dr. Richard Schwartz) therapy using empathetic motivational interviewing (Carl Rogers, Ph.D., Gabor Mate', M.D.) and self-regulation of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and providing an ultimately safe environment to build trust and lay the foundation for personal self-reflection, accountability, and growth (Bessel van der Kolk, M.D., Stephen Porges, Ph.D. and Peter Levine, Ph.D.).

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