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Frequently Asked Questions

Christine Knight QHHT

How do I choose a trauma recovery coach right for me?

Pick a trauma recovery coach you feel comfortable with and trust your intuition. If it's not a good fit, that's ok. This is your journey, and it needs to feel right. Ask questions about how they work and what their style is. If you have a particular concern, please ask.

How does coaching help?

Coaching is about getting the support you need while learning how to make positive changes. Usually, a person meets weekly, especially the first three months for continued support and to meet initial goals. In my experience, when clients meet only every other week, the progress is minimal compared to those who meet weekly. After initial goals are met, growth happens with consistent effort. Length of time depends on the issues and goals discussed. Changing old patterns takes time but practicing new skills can make a difference quickly. It's my pleasure to help you grow at your own pace. That's the joy of this work.

How do I know when to seek help?

If you are experiencing any of these issues, coaching can help:
● questioning your life’s purpose.
● contemplating a career change.
● not feeling satisfied in your life.
● trouble setting or reaching goals.
● changes in sleeping, eating, or social contact.
● relationship problems.
● problems with alcohol, drugs or addiction.
● trouble at work.
● frequent thoughts of death or hurting yourself.
● feeling hopeless and depressed.

What governing board due you adhere to in your coaching practice?

I follow the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coach's Principles and Code of Ethics along with the American Counselors Association Code of Ethics.

You can email me at to request a copy of these principles and ethics.

What is the pricing for Trauma Recovery Coaching?

This work is very important to me to be able to offer to as many people as possible. I believe this world is shifting positively - and one of the reasons for that is because people are taking responsibility for where they are in their lives (even though it's not their fault of where they are in their lives) and making the choice to heal and transform. So, I'm offering coaching at $65 per hour. And, I do also offer a sliding scale.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept cash, PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, or Zelle for donations at this time.

Where are you located?

I have the ability to meet in person in South Carolina, Pittsburgh, or Columbus, Ohio. I also meet online for 1:1 coaching sessions using either video chat or phone call, depending on the comfort level of each person.

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