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You Got This!

You've had Trauma (likely in childhood) but it's actually helped you succeed and achieve high goals in some areas of your life... but there's that one area where you just seem to be repeating patterns...

You’re committed to personal and professional development.

You love to learn and not just for the sake of learning.  You know that learning is how you become an exceptional leader. The next frontier in leadership is optimizing your brain and psychology. QHHT is a science-backed technique that gets almost unbelievable results.

You’re ambitious.

You’ve accomplished a lot, but you’ve hit a plateau. Maybe you’re not getting the results you want, or old strategies aren’t working anymore. Or perhaps you know what you need to be doing, but you haven’t been able to connect intention to action. A QHHT session can help with any of these challenges!

People and relationships are important to you.

You feel pulled in all directions at work and home. Saying “no” can be difficult for you. So you often find a way to do it all - but it comes at a cost.

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Christine Knight, QHHT

You’re in Good Hands

I was told I would never get over my anger issues because of the type of Complex PTSD I had from repetitive violence from a very early age (pre-verbal through entire childhood); however, QHHT was the modality that cut through the layers of self-protection and got straight to my subconscious and that's when the re-wiring in the brain started.

I had not one more PTSD spiral after my first QHHT session.

But there was still a long road of Trauma Recovery ahead. I've spent the last 10 years reading, self-study research, graduate degree education, and separate certifications trying to build a path to self-discovery of what I really wanted in my life - and then developing the awareness of patterns causing my self-sabotage and pain. I took the long scenic route, stumbling, falling, getting back up... but it enabled me to build a road map of guideposts to now help other people have a much smoother journey.

You hold the compass, and I'll hold the map. Let me help navigate you with the tools that I had to find on my own.

There is a way - and the way is Through, but step-by-step Guidance will make all the difference in smoother sailing. 

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